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 Buying a Refurbished Product


  Cost of refurbished product is 15% - 30% of the new product.
With the money you saved, you can buy a more advanced model, buy another product you always wanted or just save money.

Refurbished Product will probably not be spoiled.
Not only the product repaired during the renewing, but also has another quality test! Most often it is also sold with a manufacturer's warranty.

nvironmental protection.
In today's world where there is a growing awareness of recycling, choosing renewed equipment is the proper choice. By buying a refurbished product we prevent further pollute the earth with electronic waste.

So why people still don't buy a refurbished product?
Fear. No one buys a refurbished product, probably for a reason. The product may spoil quickly? Maybe the product is not working properly?

Please Remember: Renewed product is not like a used car!
We at Lan-Tech sell high quality renewed communication equipment at competitive price as Panasonic PBX, telephony equipment, IP PBX, routers, switches, etc.

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