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 Computers Rooms


  It is almost impossible to be found today business, company, or organization that's operating without communication systems - simple or complex. Communication in today's business world is the core of the business, and therefore businesses and large companies especially, develop and invest inadvanced communications network that based on a network of computers without which almost impossible to operate.

Operating multiple computers required the establishment of a complex infrastructure. To set up a computer network in the company, or business, it is also needed to have a computer room as part of the same infrastructure. Infrastructure that make up a computer room or a computer class in a business or organization are those infrastructures necessary to operate any computer includinginternet connection, electrical connection and connection of multiple computers to a computer network create data transfer quick and easy from several computers.

Computer rooms can be found in small size in schools, colleges and universities, which owns and operates computer rooms to the needs of the students, but whilst larger computer rooms can be found in large companies / organizations, especially companies dealing in various communication and because their activities are required to provide customers with traffic information or access to computerized data bases.

Computer rooms have actually become the heart of any organization is based on computerized databases and disabling the computer room means disabling the entire organization. A large number of computers in an organization mean a large amount of power connections, switches, and of course servers. Usually, all this equipment is collected actually in one small room in small organizations, the size of not more than - 10 square meters. However in large organizations computer room or servers' room can reach huge dimensions and it will already be in computers hall.

Because this equipment is expensive sensitive and required specific care (keeping terms of temperature), the computers rooms have become more like a kind of lab, and most companies and organizations have large server room have special staff that is responsible for the ongoing operation of the computer room and the servers, maintaining equipment, and maintaining equipment . Due to the large number of servers, this equipment tends to warm up following a heavy workload. Therefore most computer rooms and server rooms there is lots of emphasis on keeping temperature and cooling.

Organizations who want to build a computer / server room or upgrade an existing and outdated one, can contact any communications company specializing and experienced in building computer / server rooms. It will be responsible for the work of construction including the characterization needs in company, an understanding of the amount of equipment required and accordingly you can plan your room size required, the amount of needed power and accordingly adjustment of ventilation and cooling room and a decision on additional equipment like generators will begin to act in any case of cessation electricity.

In addition to specify equipment to the computer rooms, we should pay attention to the structure of the room and its location in the building. Large organization runs a new building, planning the location and shape of the computer and servers' room, which will include in most cases floating floor below which can be transferred the cooling systems. There is also the importance of the proximity of the server room to move the computer and create a room next to the computer operators. All this with the understanding that this is indeed a sensitive and necessary room requires planning and care to assist the ongoing work of the organization.

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