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 Information Security


  Information Security is a global definition to describe the processes which ensure the protection of your information and the availability, reliability and privacy of information, such as firewall, anti - virus and other different protection software. Access to information that is stored on our computers become accessible in recent years and a lot more companies store the most important information in their computer systems. Most of the stored information is confidential and is forbidden for the eyes of the workers.

These days there are professional "hackers". They make living by fornication to information systems that are closed to the public with advanced technology and professional knowledge. Firewall and anti – virus software, can be overridden by the skillful "burglar".

More businesses are fully dependent in the stored information in their computerized systems, such as personal information of employees, salaries, customer lists, bank account numbers and more. Without this information the business will struggle to exist at all and need advanced security systemto make maximum protection.

To make a comprehensive and effective network security, there is a need to spend meticulous work procedures, security products with advanced technology and lot of processes.

As part of communications solutions offered today, there are wireless products and these can be a target to computer "burglars". When there are several computers in the network, home or business - you need a router that will inter-connect them or connect to the Internet. If you choose a wireless router and your network is not secured properly, you are completely exposed and need a good security system, so other computers users will not have get any access into your computer and draw out personal information.

In cases of business' confidential information, the priority is wired router, which has a higher defense capacity. Security will maintain a high cryptographic material stored on your computer

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