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 Refurbished Equipment


  You've surely noticed that many manufacturers are offering refurbished / renewed versions of their products. If you, like many others, think that buying renewed equipment is like buying a used car - you are mistaken.

There is a difference between used and renewed. Used - means that the product was used for a considerable time by the previous owner. If he cared for it, you will get a substantial discount on a product in reasonable condition. But if it is sold as is (as-is), that is, if your hard drive goes bad after a few months, you have to fix it yourself or not. Even if the product is sold "normal / standard" is still used.

Such a product is returned to the manufacturer or dealer for any reason. The Manufacturer / dealer can not longer sell the product as new, so they fix any problems (not always defect) and sell it renewed. There are several reasons for the renewed salable product:
  • Product Zoom / Display
  • The product has criticized by blogger / journalist
  • Products that were damaged during shipment
  • Returned products (were not opened)
  • Products with open packaging, even the product itself is not used
  • Products with defective parts
We at Lan-Tech sell refurbished communications equipment such as a Panasonic PBX, telephony equipment, IP PBX, routers, switches, and more.

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