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  UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply, is a device that provides electrical power to another device when the battery of this device can not supply power due various problems: power outages, fluctuations that can harm its electrical components and interference from other nearby devices that are located on the same network which provides electricity to everyone.

UPS differs from generator or power system by providing almost an immediate protection of power input disturbances. It operates through a number of large batteries and an electronic circuit for users with low power consumption, or using a generator that runs on an internal combustion engine (diesel) for users with high power consumption.

UPS includes electric charge, battery and converter. With AC power, the electric charger gets its power from the electricity grid, as its role is to provide electricity to the battery. The battery supplies current to the converter which produces an Alternate Current (AC) with static voltage. This AC is transmitted to the electrical device. 

The operating time of the UPS is not long, usually between 5 and 15 minutes, but it's enough time to organize another power source or turn the device off properly and not hurt him. The UPS entering is measured with Kilo – Volt Ampere (KVA).

UPS is good for business, especially large ones because there are lots of long power failures or interruptions in electricity supply, due to heavy load on the power electricity company. In such loads, the power company uses turbines to please everyone but this process may cause various malfunctions.

So a company that works and manages its affairs on Internet must necessarily co-operation with companies or other people in the world. The company transmits data through the computer and through the Internet, can not operate when there is a failure or other problem in their computersnetwork, and electricity network stops working. When this happens, the company loses working time and money.

Large businesses can also lose lots of money as soon as a power failure or faults persist for long time. When the company loses its ability to communicate with other companies due to power failure or problems, it is highly recommended for the company to purchase UPS device.

Companies that apply call center can be damaged as well, because the role of the service is to receive or transmit information via a telephone network, e-mail, faxes, correspondence on-line mode, i.e., an immediate service.

The goal may be marketing or meet the customer's needs and questions. And transfer of information is critical that this is the company's mission. When there are power interruptions, UPS keeps the instruments, giving enough time to connect them and manipulate them in a different way, so the business can be relaxed.

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