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Wireless communication is a type of solution to the places which it's impossible to use cables and electrical wires. The wireless communication uses electromagnetic waves in order to lead the signal that is sent from certain device towards the device that receives him. For example, quiet alarm sends wireless audio waves in a level that the people are not able to hear.

The wireless technology was first used in the 1920s with the Morse device and later used to carry audio waves and music using the Radio.

The wireless technology-equipment can be divided into 3 parts:
  1. Fixes wireless - the technology that operates our home and office products, which connected to the computer systems and modems.
  2. Mobile wireless devices – operates communication systems and cars.
  3. Carried wireless devices – which possible to use them with the help of batteries, outside to the house or to the office such as cell phone, tablet, laptops etc.
The field of wireless communication does not cease to develop rapidly big and he is smooth inseparable from all of us and we are dependent on it, either if directly or indirectly.

Wireless communication serves us nowadays, among other things:
  • Beepers and wireless phones – enable the use of wireless technology for business and private people.
  • GPS systems - a space based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather conditions, for the use of airplanes, ships, drivers and even your Smartphone.
  • Wireless computer products and gadgets – tablet, laptop, keyboard, mice, speakers etc.
  • Home entertainment systems – the most common examples are each and every remote controller we use on a daily basic.
Amid the communication solutions that are offered to business and organizations, there is the wireless communication, including WI-FI networks and servers.

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